Nunavut Baby Bed Program

What is a baby bed?

A baby bed is a sturdy cardboard box with a small mattress inside to be used as a bed for your baby.


What is included in the box with the baby bed?

The box is filled with free items for the baby and parents—diapers, baby clothes, health care kit, after-birth items for mom, and a bag of books.


Does the baby bed cost money?

The baby bed is free for all Nunavummiut expecting a baby, including adoptive parents.

How do you get a baby bed?

To get a baby bed, expectant parents have to go to prenatal appointments at their community health centre and register with the nurse or midwife by their 30th week of pregnancy.

When should you expect to receive the baby bed?

The box should arrive before the baby, for example before the woman leaves her community to have the baby.

When should you stop using the baby bed?

Most families stop using the box when the baby is four to six months old. It is no longer safe when a baby can pull or themselves up to a sitting position.

When the baby grows out of the baby bed, it can be used as a storage box.